Quick Healthy Recipes

If you suffer constantly headaches and lack of energy, sleeping more may not be the only solution. Have you ever considered your diet? Eating healthy does not have to be with losing weight, it has to do with the amount and quality of nutrients you give your body to work properly, according with your body calorie needs.

Eating healthy is a positive change that will empower your performance during the day. It is not true that to eat healthy you need to spend money and time on preparing dishes, there are plenty of quick healthy recipes you can prepare in 10 or 15 minutes.

For example, for breakfast you can have yogurt with fruits and high fiber cereals (no added sugar). For lunch, you can have a poached egg avocado and greens salad, you can eat fruit and toasts with jam, cheese or anything you like for snacks and for dinner you can have a delicious no cooked 5 minutes’ prep tuna wrap.

In order to prepare a healthy meal, you need to look its content, no its preparation. For example, for breakfast and snacks, yogurt, fiber and a piece of fruit is enough. For lunch and dinner, divide your plate in ¼ carbs, ¼ proteins and ½ veggies.

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